Driver Training

At Fleet Source, we create tailored training schedules to manage each driver’s compulsory 35-hour CPC requirements on an individual or company basis, to ensure complete compliance with legal fleet obligations.

Train up to 24 of your drivers on our award-winning, DVSA approved courses online with Fleet Source LIVE, in-person at your own premises or at one of our dedicated training venues across the UK.


“We believe in safety first – all our drivers’ CPC courses have been arranged and delivered by Fleet Source to a very high standard. Fleet Source acquired ROSPA driver training for our staff to reduce accidents and this reduces our insurance premium.”

Billy Vance Pg. Cert. Grad IOSH, Executive Director at Continental Landscapes Ltd

CPC Driver Excellence

Our modular Driver Excellence training program is our one-stop solution to meeting your professional 35-hour Driver CPC requirements.

Choose 2 of our 3.5-hour DVSA approved training modules to complete 7 hours CPC at a time. Each module has been designed to educate, refresh and enhance drivers’ understanding of the regulatory framework that governs the road transport industry.

This course includes Mission Zero and FORS approved modules such as Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality, Work Related Road Risk, and our award-winning Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention.

M1 Driver Roadworthiness, Health & Wellbeing

M2 Understanding Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs

M3 Health & Safety in the Transport Environment

M4 Vehicle Roadworthiness & Defects

M5 Transporting Loads Safely

M6 Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality*

M7 Reducing Penalties and Infringements

M8 Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP)*

M9 Safe UK Driving (WRRR) – Theory*

M10 Safe UK Driving (WRRR) – Immersive (Virtual Reality)*

M11 Major Incident Management and Support (MIMS)

M12 STGO & Abnormal Loads

M13 Improving Driving Techniques

M14 Urban, Rural & Motorway Driving

M15 Clandestine Entrants: Awareness, Security and Enforcement (CEASE™)


* Mission Zero & FORS approved course

In-Vehicle Training

The best drivers can still be involved in a road accident, even if it’s not their fault. It is important to provide a full risk assessment of your driver and constructive training to improve their behaviours and habits. This course teaches drivers how to identify and manage risks and proves their continued professional development. We can tailor the course to meet your business requirements and provide you with a development report and feedback post course.


In-Vehicle Driving Assessor Course

This 3-day course will develop your driving skills to be able to carry out in-vehicle assessments of your company’s drivers, identify all levels of road risk and support your company’s driver training program. At the end of the course, you will be fully prepared to undertake an advanced driving test, if required. This course will improve your company’s image through better driving practices and help reduce costs on insurance premiums, fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance.

Attitudes, Behaviour and Consequences

It has never been more important to highlight the effect low mental health can have on the quality of our driving. A great course to pair with our In-vehicle Training session, ABC helps to get the best from your drivers by highlighting how their mental health, poor attitudes or behaviours towards other drivers can affect their professional driving ability. This 3.5-hour course covers statistics on bad driving, mental skills and attitudes, driving stress, advanced driving techniques and finishes with a review and feedback session from the trainer.

Safe UK Driving CPC with Virtual Reality

UK roads, whether that’s motorways, rural roads or the urban environment, are becoming increasingly complex, congested and challenging for commercial drivers. Our knowledge and skills training is complemented by an immersive experience of different road types and hazardous situations.

Our Safe UK Driving (SUKD) with Virtual Reality is the only Mission Zero & FORS Approved course that is accredited equivalent to Safe Urban Driving (SUD) with on-cycle; accepted by FORS, Mission Zero, CLOCS, Transport for London and HS2, amongst others.

*Virtual Reality is FORS Approved as equivalent to on-cycle training

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