Van Training

There are many challenges involved with driving, loading and securing vans and LCVs within the current legal framework. We offer a range of 1.5-hour van specific courses to enhance your drivers’ professional knowledge and ensure that they can safely and efficiently operate these vehicles for your company.

Effective Van Driving

Vans can be difficult to drive, not least because they seem like cars but can have quite different characteristics. It is easy to forget that a van is longer, wider or higher than a car. This course gives van drivers key insights into how they need to think differently in terms of performing every-day manoeuvres, speed and access restrictions, route planning and load management.

Safe and Legal Van Loads

Van loads are often not secured correctly, leading to safety risks for drivers and other road users. Incorrect loading and poor load security can also lead to damaged goods, equipment or tools. It is important to understand the law and regulations affecting van loads, how to safely restrain loads and the risks of loads moving in transit. This course covers drop-side and cage-backed vans.

Staying Legal Van Driving

Van drivers face many challenges working within the legal framework that governs van activity, including rules of the road and use of the vehicles. This course makes drivers aware of this framework and helps them work within it by understanding driver license requirements, medical conditions, vehicle checks and infringement penalties.

Van Security and Incident Prevention

Vans are easy targets for theft – including the loads that they contain. The biggest risk from the theft of a vehicle is it being used for malicious activity – in the most extreme cases, acts of terrorism where the vehicle is used as a weapon. This course gives van drivers key insights into how they can protect their vehicle to minimise damage and theft and avoid the risk of their vehicle being used in incidents or acts of terrorism.

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