FORS Approved Virtual Reality

Bringing Learning to Life

Virtual Reality delivers a fully immersive 360 experience, bringing learning to life and providing your staff with a unique perspective of being out on the road, all from the safety of the classroom.

Our Safe UK Driving Virtual Reality module is the ‘first’ VR course to be FORS Approved and is recognised as an alternative to FORS on-cycle training.

It really is time for something new in fleet training. Driver CPC has been around for over 10 years now and professional drivers deserve a break from the PowerPoint lecture. Virtual Reality presents a huge opportunity for radical change in the delivery of driver training, and we ensure that fleet operators are fully able to embrace this exciting technological opportunity.

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Our Virtual Reality training uses visuals of real-life experiences to change drivers’ responses and behaviours in order to make our roads safer and ultimately help saves lives.

Virtual reality scenarios represent up to 30% of a standard 3.5hr driver CPC module.

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