Clandestine Entrants: Awareness, Security and Enforcement (CEASE™)

CEASE™ is the first dedicated Clandestine Entrants CPC course, designed to address the increasing risk to drivers and companies from the rising number of Clandestine Entrants. A Clandestine Entrant is a person who enters the UK concealed in a vehicle to evade border controls.

This 3.5-hour CPC course can be paired with another 3.5-hour module from our CPC Driver Excellence program, providing you with 7 hours of DVSA-approved training.

Safeguarding Drivers and Businesses

CEASE™ equips professionals with practical insights to prevent illegal entries, safeguarding both drivers and businesses from potential fines.​​

People attempting to enter the UK illegally are often trying to escape threat, suppression, or extreme poverty in their own countries. With the significant link between organised crime and illegal immigration, many of these individuals can end up being exploited or trafficked, putting society, drivers, and their own lives at risk.

CEASE™ covers:

CEASEprovides drivers with the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to protect themselves, their vehicles, and their company.

  • Understanding Clandestine Entrants
  • Various tactics used to enter vehicles & avoid UK border controls​
  • The impact and risks to the UK economy & general public
  • The role of enforcement agencies including the Border Force ​
  • Vehicle risks and security ​
  • Personal risk and security ​
  • Effective policies, procedures and record keeping
  • What to do if you identify a Clandestine Entrant​
  • Laws, penalties and consequences

Be Aware. Be Secure. Don’t Get Fined.

Each year around 8,500 Clandestine Entrants are detected entering the UK. Hauliers found to inadvertently have Clandestine Entrants on their vehicles face significant penalties.

In February 2023, the UK Government increased the fines significantly to force the transport industry to take action to reduce illegal entry, resulting in both fleet operators and drivers now being fined up to £10,000 per Clandestine Entrant, or £6,000 if a vehicle is identified as being insecure even if no Clandestine Entrants are found.

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