Safe UK Driving

This course was designed with our Fleet Source customers in mind to overcome the limitations of FORS Safe Urban Driving. Unlike the SUD course, which solely focuses on driving within London, our Safe UK Driving course details different types of roads and their potential hazards across the UK. Whether that’s due to smart motorways, cyclists, pedestrians or horses on urban and rural roads, our tailored course is much more relevant to real issues faced by national businesses that use commercial drivers. We welcome and take on board feedback from our customers on all the courses that we offer to ensure that we are providing training that meets your company’s needs.

“I would actually recommend Fleet Source entirely because the whole professional aspect of the deliverance of initial quotes, initial discussions and planning to the deliverance of the courses on a regular basis around the country have actually proven very beneficial for us as a business.”

Ian Walsh
Head of Fleet, Restore Datashred

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