Work Related Road Risk Managers Course

The Work Related Road Risk course is designed to reduce the risk of incidents between freight vehicles, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

In London between 2008 and 2013 there were a disproportionate number of cyclists fatalities that involved construction-related vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and this trend in cyclist casualties is rising nationally.

In 2013, Transport for London (TfL) commissioned a review of the activities in construction logistics to understand the causes of such incidents and what could be done to prevent them. A national standard Work Related Road Risk was born.

Work Related Road Risk clauses are now included in all contracts for companies operating in and around London for the construction sector, but the WRRR standard applies across all sectors, across the UK.

Course Description

This half-day course addresses the most topical risks to ensure Managers are up-to-date with FORS requirements and the CLOCS standard.

The purpose of WRRR Manager training is to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills and attitude required to recognise, manage and reduce the risks that your fleet and drivers can pose to vulnerable road users.

Course Content

  • Legal responsibilities for work related road safety are identified.
  • The benefits of managing WRRR are recognised to improve attitudes and operating cultures.
  • That drivers and other road users are safeguarded and are not put at risk by work-related activities.
  • Enhanced public perception, image and reputation of the transport and logistics industry.

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