Work Related Road Risk CPC

Course Details

The Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) course is designed to reduce the risk of incidents between freight vehicles, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.
Work Related Road Risk equips the driver with an understanding of the requirements and legal responsibilities by ensuring drivers understand their responsibilities regarding road safety.

By recognising work-related road driving activities reduces the risks faced by drivers and other road users by protecting and safeguarding them on the road network. This is done by enhancing the driver’s knowledge to enable effective, individual and corporate management WRRR.

Enhance public perception, image and reputation of the company and the logistic industry.

Course Description

• The purpose of WRRR training is to ensure that all drivers have the knowledge, skills and attitude required to recognise, manage and reduce the risks that their vehicle poses to vulnerable road users.
• Each driver shall undertake approved theoretical training which includes safety of vulnerable road users.
• WRRR meets the progressive vulnerable road user training that is required under FORS and CLOCS.
• Counts towards 35 hours DCPC (7 hour course).

Course Duration & Delegate numbers

The WRRR course is 7 hours of learning and can facilitate up to 24 people per course.

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