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2023-4 Driver CPC Course Program

Keeping your DQC upto date!

Your driver(s) Driver Qualification Cards MUST be kept up to date with regular training hours, we recommend that they complete 1 course every 5 years to stay compliant in order that they are not off the road for a longer period than is necessary to catch up. Ensure your driver does not attend the same course twice within a 5-year period as their hours may be invalid (if you are unsure which courses they have completed, refer back to previous certifications).

IMPORTANT: If your drivers fail to reach the required 35 hours training before their card expiry date this will render them unable to drive LGV’s and will potentially lead to failed deliveries and loss of profit.

Course Program

Wolseley have selected a full range of Driver CPC modules that provide drivers with a varied choice of subject matters and help avoid any duplication of training. Please find below the 3.5hr modules (that have been paired together into 7 hours of approved training) that are available under the Wolseley 2023-4 Driver CPC program:

Workday Mod      Driver CPC Course

DCPC6                  M4 – Vehicle Roadworthiness & Defects  / M5 – Transporting Loads Safely
DCPC7                  M3 – Health & Safety in the Transport Environment / M14 – Urban, Rural & Motorway Driving
DCPC8                  M6 – Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality / M8 – Terrorism Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP)
DCPC9                  M2 – Understanding Drivers’ Hours & Tachographs / M7 – Reducing Penalties & Infringements
DCPC10                M1 – Driver Roadworthiness, Health & Wellbeing  / M13 – Improving Driving Techniques
DCPC11                M11 – Major Incident Management and Support (MIMS)  / M12 – STGO & Abnormal Loads
DCPC12                M15 – Clandestine Entrants / M16 – Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Awareness (HEVA)

Need FORS Approved Training?

DCPC8 – M6 – Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality – FORS approved meeting Silver & Gold environmental training requirements
DCPC8 – M8 – Terrorism Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) – FORS approved meeting Bronze counter terrorism training requirements

How to book

    1. Select a course from the calendar below. You can scroll through the month using the arrows on the top right.
    2. Once you have identified the course you with to attend, click on the description of the course and you will be taken to the booking page (opens in a new window).
    3. On the booking page click the ‘Get Tickets’ button (located top right, just under the main picture) to book your place(s).
    4. Choose the number of tickets you require by using the ‘+’ button and click the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the form.
    5. Complete the contact form for each delegate and click the ‘register’ button at the bottom
    6. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your ticket details. If it is an online course, you will receive a link to join the webinar 48 hours before the course.

You can download a user manual for this booking process by CLICKING HERE

Important Information

1.This driver CPC course program is only available to employees of Wolseley UK Ltd.
2. If you are booking a course on behalf of someone else, please ensure you provide their details under the attendee section of the booking.
3.Failure of attendance without notice, a fee of £150 will be cross charged back to branch.

Wolseley 2023-4 Courses

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