Transport Manager Training

Your Operator’s Licence is important – protect it.

Continually develop and manage your knowledge or running an effective transport operation with key refresher training that will benefit your own development and your company practices.

The life of a Transport Manager is a varied and busy one. We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with changes in law and legislation that could put a company at risk of non-compliance.

That’s why Fleet Source develop a number of training courses suitable for Transport Managers and Fleet Compliance Managers from all types of transport operations, to enable you to stay up to date with current transport law, industry updates and refreshes your knowledge as a professional Transport Manager.

Fleet Source also offer the opportunity to become a formal and qualified Transport Manager if  required, with the Transport Manager CPC Qualification Course and examinations.

Transport Manager & Operator Training

Transport Manager CPC Qualification Course

The Transport Manger CPC Qualification course will enable the delegate to receive a formal Transport Manager CPC qualification should they pass the two required exams.

The OCR CPC qualification is currently a lifetime award, which means that, once obtained, the qualification will not expire, and holders will be considered professionally competent for the rest of their lives.

Transport Management System (TMS) Internal Auditor

This course will allow the delegates to recognise, assess and provide accurate recommendations for their company to have an effective transport management system.
The main benefit of the course is continuous assessment and developing of internal procedures to evaluate your company’s compliance to mandatory legislation and FORS membership requirements. The course also contributes to the individual’s own continuing professional development (without having to sit a formal examination), making delegates a valuable company asset as well as becoming knowledgeable of the formal auditing process.

FORS Practitioner Workshops

FORS Practitioner is a series of ten* workshops, open to all transport professionals covering all aspects of fleet management including managing work related road safety, safe and efficient fleet management, reducing fuel use and minimising fines and charges. These workshops are available nationally and you can attend one or all of the workshops, in any order.

Once you have completed all ten* workshops, you will achieve FORS Practitioner status – to date, there are over 1000 FORS Practitioners. The ten workshops are designed to guide, educate and support you and your business helping you become safer, greener and more efficient.

In Vehicle Assessor Course

The aim of the in-vehicle assessor’s course is to train personnel within their company to carry out vehicle assessments of their drivers to identify all levels of road risk and support the company’s driver training programme from management through to drivers. This will cover initial assessments on inductions, along with annual and post incidents/collision reports.

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)

Please note that by taking this course, you will not receive an Operators Licence.

The course is designed to guide transport professionals at any level to develop an active role in ensuring legal compliance within their transport operation. The course provides an overview of the operator licensing system and details the fundamental undertakings, responsibilities and obligations that apply to operators.

Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) Manager

The Work Related Road Risk course is designed to reduce the risk of incidents between freight vehicles, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

In London between 2008 and 2013 there were a disproportionate number of cyclists fatalities that involved construction-related vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and this trend in cyclist casualties is rising nationally. In 2013, Transport for London (TfL) commissioned a review of the activities in construction logistics to understand the causes of such incidents and what could be done to prevent them. A national standard Work Related Road Risk was born.

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