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Safe Urban Driving

Fleet Source are proud to be the largest provider of Safe Urban Driving training in the UK.

What is the course about?
An increase in population across cities and towns in the UK adds to the challenges and hazards of driving.  To help improve road safety, safe urban driving focuses on understanding how vulnerable road users behave and gives drivers a first hand experience of being a vulnerable road user.

Our course is a comprehensive 7hr CPC, delivered in two parts; a classroom theory module in the morning and an on-cycle session where your drivers will experience cyclist view of the road. Bicycles are provided to each of your drivers. 

Who should attend the course?
All commercial drivers operating in the urban environment where there is a high risk to vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Fully aligned to meet FORS Silver accreditation, CLOCS standards and contractual work-related road risk (WRRR) requirements
7hrs driver CPC
JAUPT approved for up to 24 delegates 


We have a number of both Transport for London (TfL) funded courses, and open courses for you to select from the right hand side menu.  Please select the venue and date you require and follow the link to book your drivers on to the course.

Location Dates
Brentwood 24th February 2020 Book
Brentwood 25th February 2020 Book
Wembley 25th February 2020 Book
Brentwood 26th February 2020 Book
Nottingham 26th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Sparkbrook 26th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Cardiff 26th February 2020 Book
Swansea 26th February 2020 Book
Ashford 26th February 2020 Book
Wakefield 26th February 2020 Book
Croydon 26th February 2020 Book
Brentwood 29th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Maidenhead 29th February 2020 Book
Manchester 29th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Nottingham 29th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Southampton 29th February 2020 Book
Croydon 29th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Wembley 29th February 2020 SOLD OUT
Peterborough 4th March 2020 Book
Manchester 7th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Nottingham 7th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Northampton 7th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Norwich 7th March 2020 Book
Exeter 7th March 2020 Book
Sparkbrook 7th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Reading 10th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Oxford 11th March 2020 Book
Reading 11th March 2020 Book
Sunderland 12th March 2020 Book
Slough 12th March 2020 Book
Swansea 14th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Croydon 14th March 2020 Book
Bellshill 18th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Nottingham 18th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Maidstone 18th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Wembley 18th March 2020 Book
Ipswich 21st March 2020 Book
Impington 21st March 2020 Book
Doncaster 24th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Northampton 24th March 2020 Book
Southampton 25th March 2020 Book
Bristol 25th March 2020 Book
Newcastle 26th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Cardiff 26th March 2020 Book
Chelmsford 28th March 2020 Book
Coventry 28th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Maidstone 28th March 2020 SOLD OUT
Wakefield 28th March 2020 Book
Ashford 4th April 2020 Book
Manchester 7th April 2020 SOLD OUT
Sparkbrook 8th April 2020 Book
Oxford 15th April 2020 Book
Croydon 16th April 2020 Book
Chelmsford 18th April 2020 Book
Impington 21st April 2020 Book
Aberdeen 22nd April 2020 Book
Kingston Upon Thames 22nd April 2020 Book
Glasgow 23rd April 2020 Book
Lincoln 23rd April 2020 Book
Bristol 25th April 2020 Book
Southampton 25th April 2020 Book
Nottingham 25th April 2020 Book
Plymouth 25th April 2020 Book
Slough 25th April 2020 Book
Liverpool 28th April 2020 Book
Stafford 29th April 2020 Book
Bristol 12th May 2020 Book
Slough 14th May 2020 Book
Newcastle upon Tyne 16th May 2020 Book
Sparkbrook 16th May 2020 Book
Norwich 20th May 2020 Book
Chelmsford 21st May 2020 Book
Southampton 21st May 2020 Book
Nottingham 21st May 2020 Book
Impington 23rd May 2020 Book
Croydon 23rd May 2020 Book
Northampton 23rd May 2020 Book
Wakefield 23rd May 2020 Book
Ashford 27th May 2020 Book

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