Safe UK Driving – FORS Approved Virtual Reality

With over 1,200 courses delivered, and over 10,000 drivers trained, Safe UK Driving (SUKD) with Virtual Reality has now become a national standard for Vulnerable Road User training.

Safe UK Driving is the first Virtual Reality course of its kind to be officially recognised as an alternative to Safe Urban Driving (SUD) on-cycle training; accepted by Mission Zero, FORS, CLOCS, Transport for London and HS2, amongst others.

Driving Safety Through Innovation!

It really is time for an innovative approach to fleet training and in particular, Vulnerable Road User training. Virtual Reality (VR) presents an opportunity for operators and drivers to experience a radical change in the delivery of essential Driver CPC training.

This means moving away from the usual PowerPoint and on-road cycling sessions that have been the norm for the past ten years. Instead, VR brings a fresh and exciting approach to learning, marking it as one of the most significant shifts from outdated training methods.

Safe Roads, Saves Lives!

The aim of this module, through the use of Virtual Reality headsets, is to ensure delegates fully understand, appreciate & have the knowledge to deal with a variety of challenging and differing situations, not just as a driver but with a clear perspective from the situation of vulnerable road users.

Drivers will learn to safely interact with vulnerable road users, apply defensive driving techniques, and how to adapt their driving skills to adverse weather conditions. They will also develop a responsible attitude and behaviour to manage road risks and understand the consequences.

DVSA Approved – 7hrs Driver CPC

This Safe UK Driving course covers subjects such as:

  • Legal Obligations and Responsibilities
  • High Risk Route Planning and Scheduling
  • Reducing Road Risk
  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • The Urban Context
  • Attitude & Behaviour (VR)
  • Urban Driving (VR)
  • Motorways (VR)
  • Rural Driving (VR)
  • Consequences & Emotional Impact (VR)

Mission Zero & FORS Approved Safety Training – Accredited equivalent to FORS Safe Urban Driving theory training

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