Major Incident Management Support – Policy & Procedures

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Are you prepared?

With safety a high priority throughout the transport industry, protecting your drivers, business and the general public should be of paramount importance to all operators. How prepared are you to deal with a situation classed as a ‘major incident’? Do you know what a major incident is?

You will be faced with a range of incidents throughout your career; however a major incident is classed as any emergency situation that requires the implementation of special arrangements that are not covered in your ‘business as usual’ activities. These types of incidents impact on the safety of people, cause damage to the environment or management of the strategic transport network.

To respond to major incidents effectively, you need to understand and identify the risks your business is exposed to and the potential emergency situation that may occur. The way to do this is ask what if?

  • What if one of our vehicles was involved in a fatal road traffic collision?
  • What if one of our members of staff or visitors was involved in a serious workplace incident?
  • What if one of our vehicles caused a major environmental spillage?
  • What if one of our vehicles caused major disruption on the transport network?
  • What if one of our vehicles was hijacked or stolen?
  • What if one of our vehicles was involved in a terrorist incident?

Having considered these questions, the next step it to put policies and procedures in place to minimise the impact through proactive planning, decisive action and sensitive communication.

Policies should reassure your staff, customers and suppliers that you have effective plans and procedures in place and that you are equipped to manage the unexpected.

Many businesses face a major disruption every year. Even operators who take every step possible to prevent major incidents, there will still be events that are out of their control. By having relevant policies and procedures in place, there is a much better change of mitigating the impact and returning to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible.

You need to ensure that you are equipped to take systematic action to respond effectively to major incidents. Acting in a sensitive, timely, responsive, proportionate and transparent manner will ensure you can safeguard your drivers, the wider public and ultimately your brand.

What’s in the pack?

  • Policy and procedures
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Management – coordination and control
  • Preparedness and training
  • Actions in the event of a major incident
  • Communications during a major incident
  • Media and press handling
  • Post incident recovery and restoration
  • Return to work and staff support

We want to help you through these processes and our Major Incident Management Support (MIMS) policy and procedures gives your clear information and guidance on all those issues a more.

Are you prepared?

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