Santander Cycles on the Rise

Santander Cycles, launched in July 2010, has enjoyed a record-breaking start to 2017. The scheme saw hires hit over 630,000 in January – a new record for Transport for London’s (TfL) bike rental programme.


Santander Cycles on the Rise

Popularly known as Boris Bikes, the idea was developed to encourage Londoners to use bikes over vehicles, thus lowering congestion and increasing air quality across the capital. The expansion of availability across the city is developing constantly. With already 839 stations available, more growth is expected this year as the public continue to engage with Santander Cycles.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has committed to investing over £150m annually for the next 5 years, to create a safer, cleaner environment in the capital; almost double the amount spent by his predecessor. Mr. Khan’s plans to increase Quietway routes, Cycle Superhighways and deliver a complete cycling infrastructure overhaul in London will inevitably increase the amount of vulnerable road users on the city’s streets. With this comes an even greater responsibility for HGVs and PCVs to avoid incidents. Whilst heavy goods vehicles are a vital element in servicing the economy in London, and industry and commerce still rely heavily on transportation that can only be provided by HGVs or PCVs, the priority must be to ensure the welfare of the public. Solutions have to be provided to assist the transport industry to continue to strive for safer roads.

Here at Fleet Source we deliver Safe Urban Driving training that has an on-cycle element, allowing HGV and PCV drivers to experience the perspective of a vulnerable road user, with the aim to provide them with a more rounded outlook on road safety. As a proud part of the FORS Community Partnership, we understand drivers better than anyone else. We harness our knowledge in transportation and logistics to ensure any transport operation can improve and benefit from some of the best trained fleet management experts in the world.

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