New CLOCS approved training helps improve construction industry safety

In order to meet the rising demand from the construction industry for approved, nation-wide training courses, Fleet Source has launched its Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) course for HGV drivers.

Construction activity is only set to increase across the country and the focus is on the industry to help further improve its safety record and protect vulnerable road users, in particular cyclists. With Transport for London’s Construction Logistics & Cycle Safety (CLOCS) initiative now being championed as the standard for the construction industry nationwide; Fleet Source’s WRRR course has been developed specifically to meet the theory training objectives set out in the CLOCS standard.

The one-day Fleet Source course addresses the most topical risks and ensures drivers are up-to-date with the CLOCS standard, which covers the requirement for drivers to: understand the increasing number of vulnerable road users and how they interact with traffic; use defensive driving techniques to enable safe road use and to maintain and correctly operate the safety equipment installed in their vehicles, for example blind spot technology and safety systems.

The WRRR course which was piloted last week, in collaboration with City of London and key construction managers, is now CLOCS and FORS approved.

“Our WRRR course provides fleet operators and their drivers with a new training option,” said Nick Caesari, Managing Director, Fleet Source. “There are a limited number of training providers for the sector, and even less who deliver CLOCS approved training; so we are extremely pleased to have been given the green light on our WRRR course, which we are now starting to roll out for various organisations around the UK.”

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