Fleet Source steps-up to support fleet operators during and post COVID-19 crisis

Fleet Source steps-up to support fleet operators during and post the COVID-19 crisis.

 An independent survey commissioned by Fleet Source highlighted that fleet operators fear a supply crisis on driver CPC training in the wake of COVID-19, but believe that distance learning could offer a vital industry solution during the crisis, as well as for the future.

 Commercial fleet companies across the UK, told the researchers that after the public health crisis, when travel restrictions are lifted, there would be greater demand for driver CPC than the specialist training industry could supply - just as we need the logistics industry to get our economy moving again.

 Fleet Source CEO, Nick Caesari said: “More than half the fleet managers we spoke to were worried that their drivers would fall behind with their CPC training and over a third said that their drivers wouldn’t be able to work as they wouldn’t have their Driver Qualification Card.

 “One operator told us that they anticipated a major bottleneck on driver training as operators played catch-up on CPC hours. Another wondered how many training providers would still be in business to satisfy the post-crisis demand.

 “Nearly half the fleet managers we spoke to, said they wouldn’t be prepared for cost increases as one of the knock-on effects of the impact of the supply issues and as training providers attempt to recoup their losses”

 The Fleet Source survey revealed that:

  •  94% of all booked driver training had already been or was due to be cancelled
  • 57% said that their drivers would be behind with CPC training hours
  • 47% feared that demand for driver training courses would be greater than supply
  • 44% said they would not be prepared for cost increases
  • 37% said that their drivers would be unable to work as they wouldn’t have their Driver Qualification card
  • 31% thought they would struggle to schedule in courses

 Nick said “We’re doing everything we can to support the transport industry through this crisis, with our customers currently benefiting from zero cost manager training and driver CPC training*, delivered through our online livecast platform, Fleet Source Live, whilst the crisis continues”

 “Most of our customers are as equally concerned about price increases post the crisis but we are committing to maintain our pre-crisis strategy of providing the highest quality training at the most affordable prices, with Driver CPC training costs down to as little as £350 per course – or just £14.58 per driver**”


*available to our contracted customers only and excludes DVSA upload fees.

 **Subject to contract term and minimum annual spend commitments. Excludes Vulnerable Road User training such as Safe Urban Driving, Van Smart and Safe UK Driving.


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