CLOCS & FORS recognition continues to grow

CLOCS has been awarded the Premier Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its rapid success in improving HGV road safety. Recognising the ‘programme as innovative, well researched and well managed’.

Despite being only 3 years old, the CLOCS membership has grown to more than 200 companies, delivering safer vehicle designs and a recognised national standard.

The CLOCS Standard, which has recently been improved and relaunched, makes it simpler for construction clients to use their buying power to directly influence road safety, by ensuring road risk is managed at every stage of the supply chain.

It is also being implemented beyond the construction sector, for example in general distribution, local authority and TfL supply chains. FORS Silver accreditation demonstrates compliance with the operations, driver and vehicle aspects of CLOCS and is equally relevant to both construction and non-construction sectors.

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), a national accreditation scheme designed to help road fleet operators in all sectors improve, measures and monitors operational performance and safety to demonstrate compliance and best practice. Whilst the scope of FORS is wider than CLOCS the schemes have been fully aligned at FORS Silver level meaning that any FORS Silver operator will automatically be compliant with CLOCS.

Construction clients may implement CLOCS through planning conditions and procurement contracts and operators can demonstrate their compliance to CLOCS through FORS.
To meet the CLOCS training requirements, fleet operators need to ensure that all drivers (including those exempt or not in scope of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) undergo CLOCS approved progressive training specifically covering the safety of vulnerable road users. Fleet operators need to ensure progressive driver training includes ‘on cycle’ hazard awareness and use an appropriate mix of theoretical, e-learning, practical and on the job training.

In order to meet these requirements, drivers will have to undergo the FORS approved, Safe Urban Driving course and this needs to be undertaken every three years. In addition, drivers will also need to undertake theoretical training covering the safety of vulnerable road users every year, of which Feet Source’s WRRR course will help you meet this requirement.

A number of supplementary guidance documents have been produced to assist those implementing the requirements of the CLOCS Standard for construction logistics: Managing work related road risk (WRRR) and further information on the CLOCS guide can be found here;

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