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we have provided training to thousands of drivers across the UK, with 24,000 trained in 2016. We’re part of the FORS Community Partnership, ensuring your drivers receive the most up to date, accredited training available.

Training for Drivers

We truly believe that better drivers mean better business as a transport operation.

All of Fleet Source driver courses are interactively designed to engage delegates and ensure the experience is interesting, thought-provoking and enjoyable, whilst achieving the training objectives.

Gain a distinct advantage, simply by investing in your staff: employees who are trained and able to demonstrate their competency will be an asset to your business.


Training for Managers

Fleet Source aims to help operators help themselves, in a highly-regulated industry where costs, compliance, safety and environmental impact are key. A business-related collision, a vehicle breakdown, excessive fuel costs or unprofessional driving can reflect a point of failure within a company, therefore compliance with relevant legislation and keeping up with industry good practice is key to business success.

Experts suggest that trained professionals can cut the cost of running a fleet by 15 per cent. Effective management leads to improved efficiency, productivity and an overall reduction in transportation and staff costs, whilst ensuring compliance with legislation.

Fleet Source provides a number of effective courses to help equip your managers with the training they need, helping them gain greater competence. High performing managers will reduce the potential stress associated with issues such as legal compliance, safety and operating costs.


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