London – The Capital of Change

Our roads are changing and London is leading the way in the road transport revolution.

Plans to create an ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ in London has coincided with the release of the latest FORS standard being described as the ‘greenest’ to date with noise and fuel management both coming under the spotlight.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has put pressure on operators of diesel light commercial vehicles to make sure their fleets comply with stricter regulations before 2020. The news comes around the same time that Sadiq Khan delivered a proposal for safer road transport in London through a ‘Star Rating’ system of drivers’ vision.

A heavy focus has been placed on HGVs as figures emerged in regards to pedestrian and cyclist fatalities over the last two years. HGVs were involved in 22.5% and 58% respectively and measures are being taken to make London’s roads safer.

With the new emission rules come new costs for operators. If vehicles are non-compliant with ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) they are charged £12.50 within the congestion charge zone on top of the initial C-charge fee.

As the emissions net tightens on the capital, FORS accreditation and driver training becomes even more crucial for operators in the road transport industry. As providers of FORS approved training and auditing, Fleet Source are nationally renowned producers of industry-leading solutions for operators of large and small fleets.

Fleet Source provide comprehensive FORS approved courses for drivers to support fleet operators. To find out more about these courses click here to ensure your fleet is up to the ever-evolving standardisation in the road transport industry.

Sources: Commercial Fleet, What Van

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