Driver CPC Training Courses

As a leading provider of Driver CPC training in the UK, Fleet Source offers a comprehensive range of courses, which have been developed based on customer requirements, industry need and by drawing on our own extensive knowledge and expertise.

Our extremely popular CPC courses are delivered at venues and customer sites across the UK.

Below are our current 7-hour CPC training courses, simply click on the course to find out more and to book.

Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP)

(7 hours)

The TRIP training course provides drivers with the underpinning knowledge and understanding relating to the background, activity and methods adopted by International and Domestic terrorists that concern all who operate within the Transport Industry. The course identifies and describes the type of threats and risks that Drivers face and will enhance Driver and employer roles and responsibilities when carrying out daily tasks and duties to reduce these risks.

Safe Urban Driving

(7 hours) FORS Approved

Safe Urban Driving is an essential training course providing HGV and PSV drivers with the knowledge, skills and defensive driving techniques to deal with the ever increasing challenges of driving within the busy urban environment. The course introduces various vehicle technologies that are available to detect the presence of vulnerable road users in close proximity of vehicles and help drivers avoid incidents.

Van Smart

(7 hours) FORS Approved

A one-day course developed specifically for drivers of commercial vans to raise professional standards and improve van safety on London’s roads. The course is for anyone who drives a van –as a professional driver or driving a van for any part of the working day. The course focuses on the skills needed to improve driver behaviour to operate safely, reducing the risk of vans being involved in collisions and enabling van drivers to share the road safety with other road users.


(7 hours) FORS Approved

TruckSmart driver training is a seven-hour training course for all commercial HGV drivers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to operate safe and roadworthy vehicles. TruckSmart focuses on the importance of driving roadworthy HGVs and the role of the driver in ensuring that vehicles and loads are safe and legal at all times. Alongside TruckSmart driver training there is an e-Learning module. The accompanying Fleet Manager Toolkit provides tools, guidance and resources for managers looking to develop and implement an HGV safety system within their organisation.

LoCITY Driving

(7 hours) FORS Approved

As London grows, so does traffic congestion and air pollution. This has a major and damaging impact on public health. Nearly 9,500 people die early each year in London because of poor air quality. LoCITY Driving features classroom-based modules to help drivers and transport managers save fuel and reduce the environmental impact of commercial vehicles.

Staying Legal

(7 hours) FORS Approved

Staying Legal is essential training for all HGV commercial drivers, regardless of the area of operation, which will raise the levels of knowledge to enhance awareness of compliance that is required for both the driver and the operator. The development of the Staying Legal course is in direct response to the high level of non-compliant HGV’s found during roadside stops and the suggestion from various enforcement agencies.

Work Related Road Risk

(7 hours) FORS Approved

The Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) course is designed to reduce the risk of incidents between freight vehicles, cyclists and other vulnerable road users. Work Related Road Risk equips the driver with an understanding of the requirements and legal responsibilities by ensuring drivers understand their responsibilities regarding road safety. By recognising work-related road driving activities reduces the risks faced by drivers and other road users by protecting and safeguarding them on the road network. This is done by enhancing the driver’s knowledge to enable effective, individual and corporate management WRRR. Enhance public perception, image and reputation of the company and the logistic industry.

For more information about our DCPC training available nationwide or with help booking, please call

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