In-Vehicle Training Course

The aim of the In-Vehicle Training course is to provide a full risk assessment of the driver and constructive training to improve behaviours and habits.

The course runs over a full day and is suitable for up to 2 delegates. The main aspects of the training include speed awareness and discipline, distance awareness and management, and observations and hazard perception.

The course is targeted at any employee driving a company vehicle such as a car, van, or HGV.

Course Content

  • Minimise risks and incidents.
  • Reduce fines.
  • Drivers have better working knowledge of the highway code.
  • Become up to date with legislation.
  • Drivers gain new skills to advance knowledge.
  • Drivers learn safe defensive driving techniques.

There are three parts to the training:

Risk Assessment

The trainer will accompany a driver, assessing their driving behaviour, observations, awareness and reactions to create a risk assessment on the day.

In-Vehicle training

The trainer will be in the vehicle with the driver to offer advice regarding the risk assessment, to enforce safe, defensive driving techniques.


A final recommendation list will cover any points raised in the training to ensure the driver can review and improve their driving techniques and make behavioural changes.

Course Duration

The IVT course is a full days worth of training.

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