Greener City Driving

The Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving course covers the topic of the ever increasing number of freight vehicles on our roads, to ensure drivers are made aware of the environmental impact they are making.

By understanding the issues of specific environment issues, drivers can change their habits to reduce pollution and increase efficiency through smarter driving, which will benefit the business and reduce the risk.

Course Description

This 7 hour course has been designed to educate drivers on the risks posed by pollution caused by their vehicles and what they can do to reduce the amount of pollution.

To understand how we can use technology to see where we are wasting fuel and explain to drivers how smarter driving can save money and be less stressful.

What is can you expect from the course?

  • Look at the environmental awareness.
  • Transport related city specific issues.
  • Understanding the consequences of vehicle idling.
  • SMART Eco-driving techniques.
  • SMARTER driving – route planning.
  • Business benefits.
  • Using technology to operate more efficiently.

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