FORS Standard Guidance 4.1.i – Could you fail your audit?


As of the 17th July 2017, the FORS Standard guidance version 4.1.i details that operators looking to become FORS Silver accredited or operators who are already FORS Silver accredited will need to ensure that 100% of their fleet are trained on approved, on-cycle vulnerable road user training, such as Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart training courses.

FORS have specified that they will only allow a 10% tolerance in the total number of drivers to allow for ongoing driver turnover and recruitment. Drivers in this position must be scheduled to undertake the training and the tolerance must be fully justified at the time of audit.

The FORS Guidance and Rules and Procedures documents 4.1.i state:

‘Approved Driver Training on work related road risk shall include on-cycle hazard awareness training covering the safety of vulnerable road users and be undertaken by all drivers prior to Silver accreditation and subsequently every five years.’ and ‘Fleet Operators shall ensure that all drivers (including those exempt or not in scope of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) undergo continuous approved training specifically covering the safety of vulnerable road users’.

The change relating to driver training in the Standard guidance 4.1.i means some operators may find themselves at risk of failing their audit due to the number of drivers still yet to undertake this approved on-cycle training.

Safe Urban Driving is aimed at HGV drivers and is a FORS Approved, on-cycle course that covers this training in line with the FORS Standard. Van Smart is also available as the equivalent for Van driving professionals.

To read more about the FORS Standard, click here.

If you require training for your fleet to meet these upcoming requirements, please contact us for advise or help with course booking.

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