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Work related road risk (Half Day Module)

This is a 3.5 hour module meeting FORS silver driver training requirements.


Reducing Road Risk

This lesson covers the trend in casualties & the various improvements to vehicle safety technology, changes to legislation & road infrastructure design that has contributed to this. It highlights the underlying behavioural issues & factors that contribute to collisions. The various company initiatives & voluntary improvements to vehicle safety technology are highlighted, alongside an overview of which types of road are more likely to experience injuries & fatalities. The concept of Vulnerable Road Users is introduced. In addition, we look at how the system of car control works & how it will benefit drivers.

Legal Obligations & Responsibilities

This lesson covers road safety & an overview of industry regulations. This lesson also covers the penalties & effects of dangerous driving. HSE responsibilities for driving at work are highlighted & the legal basics as a driver are explained including seatbelt use.

High Risk Route Planning & Scheduling

This lesson covers the role route planning takes from a drivers’ perspective. We look at the advantages of effective route planning, explaining the risks involved, such as bridge strikes. We discuss how to avoid them & what to do should you experience one. We look at the risks associated with level crossings are identify how best to correctly use them.

Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

 This lesson covers driving in extreme weather conditions, rain, strong winds, fog, snow, ice & the effects of sunlight. We discuss what pre driving checks should be performed & how your driving style should be adjusted.

The Urban Context

This lesson covers the rise of development & construction in towns, cities, & their sustainability. Sustainable mobility is discussed, & the role of active travel identified within these cities (cycling/walking). Examples such as the Manchester Velocity project are explained.

Each of the vulnerable road users are identified & discussed as to the reason they are VRU’s & the specific risks they face on the roads today. In addition, we discuss what hazards VRU’s cause drivers in their daily life.  We look at specific cyclist rules & Advanced stop lines (ASL’s), common causes of collisions with VRU’s & the top tips for drivers.

Motorway Safety Issues

This lesson identifies the safety issues & trends on motorways. The motorway essentials, the differences between smart motorways & standard motorways, what to do in the event of a vehicle breakdown. We highlight that any driver of a vehicle that has broken down can become a vulnerable road user & what steps should be taken to avoid injury. We cover the top tips for drivers.

Rural Safety Issues

This lesson covers the hazards on rural roads, explains the differences between dynamic & static hazards, highlights other hazards such as mud on road, low blinding sun & the presence of vulnerable road users & how our interaction differs in a rural environment. We explain the top tips for drivers.

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Fleet Source LIVE 21st July 2021 Book

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