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Safe, Green & Efficient Modular CPC

10 x 3.5hr modules to mix and match dependant on your drivers and business operations. Modules have been designed to educate, remind, revise and enhance your drivers understanding of the regulatory framework that governs the road transport industry.


professional driver modular cpc 

Split in to 10 separate modules. The scope offered by these modules relate to up to date topics within the road transport industry. Each module reinforces the fact each of your drivers need to possess the knowledge and skills for driving, but also the ability to self-evaluate how life and work issues can cause change in their driving behaviour and increase personal risk.  Combine two 3.5hr modules to complete 7hrs driver CPC.

  • Module 1 - Driver roadworthiness, health & wellbeing
    • The law and drivers responsibility
    • Fitness to drive
    • Drugs, medicines & alcohol
    • Fatigue & sleeping disorders
    • Smoking and its effects
    • Mental illness & physiological impairment
    • Driven to distraction
    • Driving defensively
  • Module 2 - Understanding drivers’ hours and tachographs
    • Drivers' hours - regulations
    • Drivers' hours - rules
    • Working time - rules
    • Tachograph - rules
    • Tachograph - record keeping
    • Tachograph - compliance & penalties
  • Module 3 - Health & safety in the transport environment
    • Health & safety act - driver responsibilities
    • Identity, access & minimise risk
    • Safe site manoeuvring & duties of a traffic marshal
    • PPE, manual handling & working at height
    • Control of substances hazardous to health
    • First on scene
    • Fire
  • Module 4 - Vehicle roadworthiness &  defects
    • Transport Policies & procedures
    • Vehicle maintenance system
    • Common faults identified by the DVSA
    • Vehicle walk around check
    • Vehicle defect reporting
    • Drivers actions in the event of a breakdown
  • Module 5 - Transporting loads safely
    • The law & regulations of governing safe loading practices
    • Principles of load securing
    • Suitable vehicle
    • Load containment
    • Load configuration
    • Load restraint
  • Module 6 - Fuel Efficiency, Emissions and Air Quality (FEEAQ)
    • Pollution - latest facts
    • Vehicle fuel efficiency checks
    • Journey planning
    • Fuel efficient driving techniques
    • Vehicle design
    • Cleaner fuels
  • Module 7 - Reducing penalties and infringements
    • Road traffic regulations
    • Road traffic offences
    • Road traffic penalties 
    • Prohibition notices
    • Kerbside loading, unloading enforcement
    • How penalties affect operators' roadside
  • Module 8 - Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP)
    • Security & counter terrorism
    • Role of the security services
    • Suspicious behaviour, activity and looks
    • Vehicle security
    • Company responsibilities
  • Module 9 - Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)
    • Reducing road risk
    • Legal obligations & responsibilities
    • High risk route planning & scheduling
    • Driving in adverse weather conditions
    • The urban context
    • Motorway safety issues
    • Rural safety issues
  • Module 10 - Urban, rural and motorway driving
    • Attitude & behaviour 
    • Urban driving
    • Motorways
    • Rural driving
    • Consequences & emotional impact


Who should attend the course?

All commercial drivers within your business who require refresher CPC training hours to meet the mandatory 35hrs within the 5 year cycle.  Businesses requiring FORS approved training to meet bronze, silver or gold accreditation. 


  • Modules M6, M8 or M9  are all FORS approved training modules
  • By completing either M6, M8 or M9 you do not need to complete FORS e-learning
  • JAUPT approved for up to 24 delegates
  • Mix with another module to create 7 hrs CPC

Course Objectives

  • Refresh your driver's skills and knowledge 
  • Understanding today's risks and equipping your driver with up to date knowledge 
  • Creating valuable discussions with other drivers 
  • Best practice advice 
  • Consistent approach for all your commercial drivers


Choose which two modules suits your needs the most and use the contact form below to contact us about booking up to 24 of your drivers on to the course.

Modules Location Dates
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 20th September 2021 Book
M3/M4 Fleet Source LIVE 23rd September 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 27th September 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 4th October 2021 Book
M5/M7 Fleet Source LIVE 7th October 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 11th October 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 18th October 2021 Book
M8/M10 Fleet Source LIVE 21st October 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 25th October 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 1st November 2021 Book
M1/M2 Fleet Source LIVE 4th November 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 8th November 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 15th November 2021 Book
M3/M4 Fleet Source LIVE 18th November 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 22nd November 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 29th November 2021 Book
M6/M9 Fleet Source LIVE 6th December 2021 Book
M5/M7 Fleet Source LIVE 9th December 2021 Book

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