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Virtual Reality

It really is time for something new in fleet training, and we have invested in the very latest virtual reality solutions to bring learning to life for commercial drivers.  Driver CPC has been around for over 10 years and professional drivers deserve a break from the PowerPoint lecture.  Virtual Reality presents a huge opportunity for radical change in professional driver training, which is both cost effective and truly engaging and we intend to ensure that fleet operators are able to fully embrace the opportunity.



Our bespoke content and leading-edge equipment is designed to truly engage with professional drivers, using real life experiences in order to change behaviours, make our reads safer and ultimately saves lives.

Virtual reality scenarios represent up to 30% of a standard 3.5hr driver CPC module which enables us to create more engaging and interactive content to test professional drivers' theoretical knowledge, response and reaction times.  This will give you confidence that your professional drivers are retaining knowledge.


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