Fleet Source train over 1,000 drivers on TRIP CPC

The first ever course on counter terrorism for commercial fleet drivers, Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention CPC (TRIP), has been attended by over 1,000 drivers since its launch less than 3 months ago.

TRIP was developed by Fleet Source in a response to the recent escalation of Vehicle as a Weapon attacks across Europe. Designed to help operators mitigate the risk of a terror attack involving their vehicles, the course has been selected by some of the largest fleet operators in the country for their Driver CPC.

Neil Walton, Transport Compliance Manager at Wolseley UK has commended the quality of TRIP and its relevance to the road transport industry; “The TRIP course I attended had a high level of delivery and assimilation of knowledge which supports this very current and real risk to all road users and pedestrians in built up areas”.

Berlin Christmas Market, 20th December 2016. The aftermath of the Vehicle as a Weapon attack that killed 12 people, including the original truck driver.

The nature of the threat posed to transport managers and operators has significantly evolved over the last 18 months, with attacks occurring in Nice, Berlin, Stockholm, Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park and Barcelona all involving vehicles as weapons. The uptake in TRIP Driver CPC training highlights the industry’s acknowledgement that the risk of vehicular terrorism warrants relevant, preventative training solutions to protect commercial vehicles, the drivers and the public.

With the deadline for Driver CPC fast approaching, Transport Operators have identified TRIP as an ideal option for their drivers to gain new, relevant knowledge that assists the industry in the fight against terrorism in the UK.



If you are interested in TRIP Driver CPC training for your fleet, please visit www.preventterrorism.co.uk.


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