Fleet Source sponsors student Owen’s fundraising skydive

Fleet Source sponsored a fundraising skydive for Student Owen Kemp to raise money for his World Challenge charity expedition to Thailand and Cambodia.
World Challenge is a multinational organisation of 26 years, with businesses in North America, Australia, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe; it is also part of the TUI Travel Specialist and Activity Sector.

Owen’s World Challenge is based in South East Asia. He starts his work in Cambodia where he will help out at the local market and various other locations. He will also be helping the local community to build a school with a team of 12 who are also participating in World Challenge. In his final leg of Cambodia, Owen will be contributing to the local community through youth work in a community project based in a remote and rural area, before finishing with a week long trek to Thailand. Owen will participate in the local community in Thailand with the team assisting in schools. Here he will help with the teaching of English, renovation of the school buildings and creating running water for the mud villages.

Owen completed his first ever, 15,000ft skydive through the sponsorship of Fleet Source on the 25th July. Starting off with a quick briefing reassuring Owen of the safety checks, he was then whisked off to put on his jumpsuit and harness. He was met by his instructor, Dylan, who instantly put him at ease when he was feeling nervous.

“There were 6 jumpers on the plane and I was the last one to jump. The nerves soon disappeared and I started to feel jealous watching everyone have such an amazing time jumping out, I couldn’t wait for my turn!” Owen said.

IMG_4911 smaller
He went to the edge of the plane, and they free-fell for 50 seconds, before the parachute deployed. “I had excellent views of the humungous Humber Bridge in Scunthorpe. I wanted to do it all over again! If it wasn’t for Fleet Source and their wonderful sponsorship, I would never have been able to complete such an amazing, adrenaline-rush experience for my fund-raising”.

Owen raised £970.00 in total through sponsorship of the skydive from individuals to put towards his World Challenge charity expedition next July.
To read more about the World Challenge expeditions, please click here

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