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MIMS Policy & Procedure Pack

£395.00 + VAT

The purpose of the Major Incident Management Support (MIMS) policy is to provide an emergency and business continuity plan to minimise the impact of any major incident affecting the fleet operation through proactive planning, decisive action and sensitive communication.  Developed by professionals for professionals, the MIMS Policy and Procedures packs contains all you need to make sure your team are aware and prepared to deal with any emergency.


MIMS mockup 002


What’s in the pack?

  • Policy and procedures
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Management – coordination and control
  • Preparedness and training
  • Actions in the event of a major incident
  • Communications during a major incident
  • Media and press handling
  • Post incident recovery and restoration
  • Return to work and staff support

This product is non-refundable