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FORS Auditing

An accreditation scheme for all fleet operators, FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) incorporates safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and emissions and helps operators improve performance, operate within the law and comply with best practice in each of these areas. Much like other key industry standards, FORS aims to give fleet operators peace of mind that they are meeting legislative requirements. In addition to this it also demonstrates to new and existing clients that the company operates at a high level and to high quality standards.

The scheme has three main aims:

  • Recognise and reward excellence
  • Raise standards
  • Improve your competitive advantage

It’s a voluntary programme which is open to any company operating a fleet of vehicles, including lorries, vans and coaches. There are three distinct level of accreditation; Bronze, Silver and Gold; Bronze acts as the entry level for all operators and is achieved through an audit of the systems, procedures and documentation to demonstrate the required standards for Bronze accreditation. To find out more about the FORS Bronze Audit, click here.


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For the CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) Scheme, fleet operators need to ensure that all drivers (including those exempt or not in scope of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) undergo FORS Silver approved progressive training specifically covering the safety of vulnerable road users.

Fleet operators need to ensure progressive driver training includes ‘on cycle’ hazard awareness and uses an appropriate mix of theoretical, e-learning, practical and on the job training.

In order to meet these requirements, drivers will first have to undergo the FORS approved Safe Urban Driving course (which includes on-cycle practical training) and this need to be undertaken every five years.

In addition to attending the Safe Urban Driving course, drivers will also need to undertake theoretical training covering the safety of vulnerable road users every year, of which Fleet Source’s WRRR course will help you meet this requirement.