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Why spend 7 hours undertaking approved environmental training, when you can meet the same requirements in 3.5 hours.

Fleet Source are the only training provider that has a FORS & Mission Zero Approved 3.5hr module that meets environmental training requirements, otherwise you are stuck undertaking a 7hr LoCITY course (big sigh). Our 3.5hr Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality module meets both FORS Gold G5 and FORS Silver S5 environmental training requirements and as it is only 3.5 hours, it can be coupled with another 3.5 hours module from our CPC Driver Excellence program, giving you 7 hours of DVSA approved training as well.

With Transport for London’s Work-Related Road Risk moving to FORS Gold or Mission Zero + WRRR2 (Gold) requirements in April 2024, you need to make sure that you undertake this training before the deadline.

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M6 – Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality

The module aims to focus on vehicle emissions, fuel efficient driving techniques, cleaner vehicle fuels & alternative fuel technologies. It will emphasize the driving strategy needed to improve air quality, their driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption & costs. This module covers the negative environmental impacts of the road transport industry & what techniques the can driver adopt to reduce these impacts & the types of new technologies being introduced to replace diesel engines.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Pollution the Facts
  • Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Checks
  • Journey Planning
  • Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques
  • Vehicle Design
  • Cleaner Fuels

Mission Zero & FORS Approved Environmental Training- Accredited equivlent to FORS LoCITY training

Now select your second 3.5hr module from the list below to also
give you 7hrs Approved Driver CPC training

CPC Driver Excellence

Our modular Driver Excellence training program is our one-stop solution to meeting your professional 35-hour Driver CPC requirements.

Choose 2 of our 3.5-hour DVSA approved training modules to complete 7 hours CPC at a time. Each module has been designed to educate, refresh and enhance drivers’ understanding of the regulatory framework that governs the road transport industry.

This includes Mission Zero & FORS Approved modules such as Safe Uk Driving, Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality, and our award-winning Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP).

M1 Driver Roadworthiness, Health & Wellbeing

M2 Understanding Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs

M3 Health & Safety in the Transport Environment

M4 Vehicle Roadworthiness & Defects

M5 Transporting Loads Safely

M6 Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality*

M7 Reducing Penalties and Infringements

M8 Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention (TRIP)*

M9 Safe UK Driving (WRRR) – Theory*

M10 Safe UK Driving (WRRR) – Immersive (Virtual Reality)*

M11 Major Incident Management and Support (MIMS)

M12 STGO & Abnormal Loads

M13 Improving Driving Techniques

M14 Urban, Rural & Motorway Driving


* Mission Zero & FORS Approved course

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