Work Related
Road Risk

Designed specifically to meet the rising demand from logistics and construction industry for approved, nationwide road risk training.

The course meets the theory training objectives set out in the CLOCS standard. WRRR is CLOCS and FORS approved and available nationally and is applicable to any logistics sector.


Fleet Source has developed a new seven-hour DCPC course on behalf of TfL, Staying Legal, as part of the CLOCS initiative for HGV drivers.

Designed in response to the rise in non-compliant HGV drivers found during road side stops. Developed to re-educate offenders and make non-offenders aware of the implications


Upskill and receive a risk assessment and recommendations to ensure your fleet is more efficient and safer, including speed awareness, distance awareness and hazard perception.

The course is targeted at any employee driving a company vehicle such as a car, van, or HGV.


Fleet Source has a dedicated team of course developers, who have extensive experience in researching, designing and delivering driver training courses and transport management methods for the road transport industry.

If you have a training requirement you would like to discuss with our experts, please contact us.

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