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A significant number of drivers’ need at least 7-14hrs of training by September 2024 and across a couple of 100,000 drivers, that is a lot to squeeze by the deadline.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered (unless you phone us 3 months before the deadline that is) and as the UK’s largest independent Driver CPC provider, we can make sure that you don’t find yourself running to the toilet in a panic.

We have a comprehensive CPC modular program that covers all the key subjects and ensures that you are not duplicating any training. We offer a choice of either online courses (via Fleet Source Live) or in-classroom courses on your site if you prefer. We can support you on any logistical plans, so you have the right number of courses, in the right locations, whilst ensuring you stay within budget.

Take a look at our selection of 3.5hr courses below (coupled together to make 7hrs Approved Driver CPC training) and then give us a call on
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M1 – Driver Roadworthiness, Health & Wellbeing

This module recognises that driving is a complex activity that requires a combination of physical and cognitive skills that can be adversely impaired by a wide range of fitness & health conditions. These conditions can adversely affect the driver’s health which in turn can reduce their performance & increase the likelihood of a collision & or injury to other road users as well as the driver.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • The Law & Driver Responsibilities
  • Fitness to Drive
  • Drugs, Medicines & Alcohol
  • Fatigue & Sleeping Disorders
  • Nutrition & Exercise
  • Smoking & its Effects
  • Mental Illness & Physiological Impairment
  • First on Scene

M2 – Understanding Drivers’ Hours & Tachographs

The purpose of this module is to educate, remind, revise & provide an insight into the rules regarding Drivers’ Hours, working time directive (WTD) the European Union (EU) domestic hours rules. In addition, this module provides guidance and information for drivers concerning tachograph rules for goods vehicles, tachograph record keeping, understanding how to interpret the information on a digital printout, how to correctly do manual entries & the implications of failing to comply with the with the regulations & legislation.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Drivers’ Hours Regulations
  • Domestic Drivers’ Hours Rules GB
  • Working Time Rules
  • Tachograph Rules
  • Tachograph Records & Printouts
  • Digital Tachographs
  • Manual Entries
  • Tachograph Compliance & Penalties

M3 – Health & Safety in the Transport Environment

The aim of this module is to enhance the existing protection of drivers, reduce the risk in the transport environment & ensure that operators who follow good practices are not put at a commercial disadvantage compared to those prepared to take short cuts with safety related matters & practises. This module  highlights & the risks, hazards & challenges facing those who operate within the transport sector, including the responsibilities associated with protecting the environment & promoting road safety.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Health & Safety Act 1974 – Driver Responsibilities
  • Identifying, Assessing & Minimising Risk
  • Traffic Management
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Manual Handling, and Working at Height
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Fire

M4 – Vehicle Roadworthiness & Defects

This module covers transport policies & procedures that have an impact on a driver within the transport sector concerning vehicle roadworthiness. We look at the responsibilities & systems involved in maintaining vehicles, in a roadworthy condition, covering the drivers daily & routine vehicle checks regardless of operating conditions, fleet size or vehicle type. This module reminds drivers of their responsibilities to ensure that their vehicle is safe to drive before setting off.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Construction & Use Regulations & Driver Responsibilities
  • Fleet Maintenance System
  • Common Faults identified by the DVSA.
  • Vehicle Walkaround Checks
  • Vehicle Defect Reporting

M5 – Transporting Loads Safely

This module recognises that transporting loads safely is an essential part of a driver’s job. We look at the regulations & legislation governing safe loading practices & the consequences of not following them. We discuss the principles behind safe loading, how they impact on the driver & making sure that a suitable safe vehicle is used to transport the load. We look at the different types of load containment, restrain & cover, the correct way to configure your vehicle to ensure the vehicle is not insecurely loaded or overweight.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • The Law & the Regulations Governing Safe Loading Practises
  • The Principles of Load Securing
  • A Suitable Vehicle
  • Load Containment
  • Load Configuration
  • Load Restraint
  • H&S Essentials

M6 – Fuel Efficiency, Emissions & Air Quality

The module aims to focus on vehicle emissions, fuel efficient driving techniques, cleaner vehicle fuels & alternative fuel technologies. It will emphasize the driving strategy needed to improve air quality, their driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption & costs. This module covers the negative environmental impacts of the road transport industry & what techniques the can driver adopt to reduce these impacts & the types of new technologies being introduced to replace diesel engines.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Pollution the Facts
  • Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Checks
  • Journey Planning
  • Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques
  • Vehicle Design
  • Cleaner Fuels

Mission Zero & FORS Approved Environmental Training – Accredited equivalent to FORS LoCITY training

M7 – Reducing Penalties & Infringements

The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) & the Police issue fixed penalty notices during roadside checks to drivers who have broken the law, the amount a driver must pay could depend on the circumstances & seriousness of the offence. This module is designed to educate, remind & reinforce to the driver a clearer understanding of the regulatory framework that governs the road transport industry. It covers the types of penalties  such as drivers’ hour’s law breaches, Driver CPC infringements, parking, careless driving & failing to comply with road signs & information matrix signs to name a few.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Road Traffic Rules & Regulations
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Road Traffic Penalties
  • Prohibition Notices
  • Kerbside Loading & Unloading
  • How Penalties Impact the Company

M8 – Terrorism Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP)

The course outlines how and why vehicles are used in terrorism related attacks & what measures drivers’ can take to protect their vehicles, themselves & the public. What they can do to assist the police & security services in identifying suspicious vehicles, packages & people. Drivers’ will be reminded of the importance of the daily & routine vehicle walk around checks & taught how to identify suspicous activity.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Security & Counter Terrorism
  • The Role of the Security Services
  • Suspicious Behaviour Activity & Looks
  • Vehicle Security
  • Company Responsibilities

Mission Zero & FORS Approved Counter Terrorism Training

M9 – Safe UK Driving (WRRR) – Theory

This course will give the driver the training required, the knowledge, skills, and the understanding that they need when using the UK roads. This course is suitable for all commercial drivers operating on UK roads, whether they use motorways, rural roads, or the urban environment where they will encounter high volumes of different vulnerable road users, which will depend on the road, time of day or year.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Legal Obligations and Responsibilities
  • High Risk Route Planning and Scheduling
  • Reducing Road Risk
  • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • The Urban Context

Mission Zero & FORS Approved Safety Training – Accredited equivalent to FORS Safe Urban Driving theory training

M10 – Safe UK Driving (WRRR) – Immersive (Virtual Reality)

Using the latest Virtual Reality techonology, this module will help drivers to understand how their attitude & behaviour has a direct impact on consequences affecting other road users. We will explore that drivers with a poor attitude & behaviour are often more at risk & as a result more likely to fail to understand the consequences of their actions. By drivers being given the knowledge, skills, understanding of how to safely interact with vulnerable road users, hazards & how to deal with them by applying a defensive driving technique as well as understanding advanced driving techniques

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Attitude & Behaviour
  • Urban Driving
  • Motorways
  • Rural Driving
  • Consequences & Emotional Impact

Mission Zero & FORS Approved Safety TrainingAccredited equivalent to FORS Safe Urban Driving on-cycle training

M11 – Major Incident Management and Support (MIMS)

The aim of this module to provide a thorough, effective & clear understanding of the needs in maintaining a clear organisational plan to minimise the impact of a major incident that could affect the running of your fleet. Designed for all staff, not just drivers, they will gain a clear understanding of how proactive planning, effective, clear & concise communication will lead to a decisive, positive & safe action plan, being carried out at all levels within the organisation and what to do in the event of a major incident.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • What is a Major Incident
  • Drivers Responsibilities
  • The role of the Emergency Services
  • Effects on the driver, their company
  • Dealing with the Aftermath

M12 – STGO & Abnormal Loads

This module will provided the knowledge and understanding of the planning requirements for moving an abnormal load, including escort requirements, protecting the other road users and the regulations regarding the keeping the load safe. In addition, drivers will understand the categorisation of defects and the importance of vehicles checks to ensure the load remains legal, and safety reaches its destination.

This course covers subject such as:

  • Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL)
  • Escort Vehicles
  • Load Projection Width & Length
  • Lighting & Marking for Special Order, VR1, STGO & C&U loads
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Special Types (STGO)
  • Special Vehicle Orders – Section 44 RTA
  • Categorisation of Vehicle Defects
  • Hazards
  • Engineering Plan & Mobile Cranes

M13 – Improving Driving Techniques

This module recognises that driving is a complex activity that requires the driver full attention on the road. The module brings to the attention of the driver the importance of techniques to increase fuel saving, as well as proven hazard perception techniques that will result in smoother and safer driving. We discuss how human behaviour and the mindset of the driver has a direct effect on MPG which transport companies monitor.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • The Big Picture
  • Wasting fuel
  • Driving Techniques
  • Safe Driving Behaviour
  • Human Behaviour
  • Transport Monitoring Software

M14 – Urban, Rural & Motorway Driving

Commercial drivers have a duty of care to share the road safely, wherever they are operating. For drivers to be able to achieve this, they must be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment, the many varied, difficult challenging conditions & situations they face. In addition, they must be able to show a responsible attitude & an excellent behaviour towards other road users in difficult situations to manage & minimise the road risk. To maintain & achieve this, this module will help drivers to understand how their attitude & behaviour has a direct impact on consequences affecting other road users.

This course covers subjects such as:

  • Understanding Attitude, Behaviour & Consequences
  • Urban Driving
  • Rural Driving
  • Motorway Driving
  • Consequences & Emotional Impact

M15 – Clandestine Entrants: Awareness, Security and Enforcement (CEASE™)

CEASE™ provides drivers with the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to protect themselves, their vehicles, and their company.

  • Understanding Clandestine Entrants
  • Various tactics used to enter vehicles & avoid UK border controls​
  • The impact and risks to the UK economy & general public
  • The role of enforcement agencies including the Border Force ​
  • Vehicle risks and security ​
  • Personal risk and security ​
  • Effective policies, procedures and record keeping
  • What to do if you identify a Clandestine Entrant​
  • Laws, penalties and consequences

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