Driver CPC changes welcome, but too many unanswered questions and could now be outdated says fleet specialist

The UK’s largest independent Driver CPC training provider has welcomed proposed changes to DCPC rules, but says the DVSA has left too many questions unanswered and the consultation could now be outdated.

 Fleet Source said the long-awaited publication of the results of the DVSA’s industry consultation on DCPC changes this week, was an important step forward, but must lead to immediate and transformative action to help fleet operators meet current challenges.

 Fleet Source CEO Nick Caesari comments: “We appreciate that the DVSA launched this consultation just prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, so could not have anticipated the challenges in DCPC delivery during the crisis. But the DVSA also now needs to consider the significant technological advances in remote training delivery that have been made in the last few months.

 “The published consultation also gives no indication as to how and when the changes will be implemented. Although we welcome 12 of the 35 hours periodic training to be undertaken by e-learning, it begs the question: as 7 hours is the current normal course duration, what time variation of this will they permit, for what type of courses and, what do they exactly mean by e-learning?

 “I very much hope that the DVSA takes the opportunity to consider not just this consultation, but also the remote distance learning solutions that have been implemented during the COVID-19 crisis. Our industry faces enormous challenges as we emerge from this crisis and anything which helps fleet operators to meet their training demands cost-effectively and flexibly, must be championed. The DVSA needs to do much more than merely tinker round the edges of the DCPC legislation.

 “Our recent independent research* of drivers on distance learning during the COVID-19 lockdown, showed that some 79% would recommend it to others and 62% preferred it to classroom-based training. Industries across the UK and internationally have fully embraced the power of engaging, interactive distance learning and feedback from delegates on our TV-studio-based LIVE courses show that our sector is no exception.

 “Citing ease of access, cost savings and reduced impact on the environment – no need for long journeys to and from the classroom venue – they have seen that today’s distance learning is leagues ahead of the old ‘death by PowerPoint’ and want to embrace it as we get back to business beyond the lockdown.

 “The DVSA must ensure that the fleet industry is not left behind in the digital training revolution. Fleet operators and drivers clearly have a great appetite for the benefits and opportunities it brings. Now, more than ever, is time for transformative change in the commercial driver training sector.”

 *Fleet Source surveyed delegates from across the UK who took part in its TV studio-based LIVE courses from May to July. 68% said they had signed up to the training as a contribution to their CPC hours and 25% in order to achieve contract compliance. Of the 106 survey respondents:


  • 79% said they would recommend the course to others
  • 87% said the slides presentation was easy to follow
  • 62% said they preferred LIVE training to classroom training
  • 62% said given the opportunity they would conduct all their training via LIVE rather than classroom-based
  • 70% said that LIVE delivery was better than traditional webinars
  • 74% said that the interaction between the trainer and delegates worked as well as in a classroom
  • 88% said the format allowed them to ask questions
  • 71% said that it enabled them to engage with attendees

 Asked what were the most valuable things they gained from LIVE training, delegates said:

 “there was really good interaction with others on the course”


 “the interactive poll worked well for confirmation of knowledge”


 “not having to travel 150 miles each way to do the course”


“superior in every way to classroom attendance”


“in the new age it’s all about lower emissions – 12 or more people did not have to use vehicles to attend the course”


“I was initially cautious about how the content could be delivered, but I was convinced it has a place within the training portfolio”


“I think that LIVE is going to be an important part of our future training needs”

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