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What training courses do you provide?

All of our training courses can be found on our home page


For how long are the training certificates valid?

Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart training courses taken for a FORS requirement should be refreshed every 5 years.

The 7 hours uploaded for Driver CPC for any of our CPC training courses is valid for 5 years.


Why does Fleet Source charge cancellation and non-attendance fees?

Fleet Source recognises that on occasion, delegates will book onto events and subsequently find that they are unable to attend. To read more about our cancellation charges and policy, click here.


Can I change the name of the driver on my ticket booking?

You can change ticket details, including attendee name, free of charge. For your convenience, click here for the link to the Eventbrite instructions to make this change.
Drivers should bring their confirmation booking reference or event paperwork to the course. When the register for the course is taken on the day of training, the driver name and company must be verified with the trainer. This name will be on the certificate to state that the driver has completed the training and will also be put onto the FORS register (if applicable) and DVSA upload (if requested). Please ensure names are written correctly and clearly.


my driver requires his training hours to be uploaded to the dvsa website?

If Drivers wish to have their training hours uploaded to the DVSA website to contribute towards their 35hrs of DCPC, and their employer does not have an agreement with Fleet Source to invoice directly, then they will need to ensure they have paid the upload fee of £9.95 through our dedicated DVSA upload fee page (click here) in advance of the course date.  This fee covers the DVSA upload fee and also covers the administration at Fleet Source to process the upload. (£9.95 upload fee is £8.75 ex vat + £1 administration + VAT).


What Identification is accepted to take a training course?

Trainers are required to verify the identity of delegates before any training starts. Any one of the following documents are acceptable for identity checking:

A photocard driving licence
A valid passport
A digital Tachograph card
A Driver Qualification Card (DQC)
Fleet Source cannot upload 7 hours of training to the DVSA portal, to count towards attendees 35 hours of Driver CPC without one of the forms of identification listed above. Drivers can still attend the course and have their details uploaded to the FORS portal if they produce ID such as a utility bill, membership card or similar.

If drivers do not have the relevant vocational entitlement, periodic training cannot contribute towards the issue of a DQC. A driver may also attend training if they present a non-UK driving licence issued by an EU member state or one of the following countries: Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


Do I have to bring my own lunch to the training course?

We recommend that you bring your own packed lunch and refreshments to our training courses. Certain training locations may provide refreshments or have restaurants and shops within walking distance, however this is not guaranteed.


I did a course and haven’t received my certificate/I have lost my certificate.

If you booked your course through Eventbrite, your course certificate will be emailed to the “Ticket Buyer” email address.
If you booked a private course through us, your certificates will be emailed to the requested certificate contact.
Certificates can take up to two weeks to process and be sent to company contacts. If on the rare occasion, you have been waiting for more than two weeks, please send an email to with Driver Name, Course Type/Location/Date, Email address for the certificate.
Clients have up to 90 days after the course to request a certificate free of charge. After this time a small administration fee will be charged. To reissue a certificate, we need the following details: Driver Name, Course Type/Location/Date, Email address to send certificate. Please contact


My certificate has the wrong name/is miss-spelled

Please send a copy of the certificate to, and provide the correct spelling of the Driver’s name.


Can I book a free/fully-funded course if  myself/my employer isn’t FORS Registered?

If you are not FORS Registered, or the company that employs you is not FORS Registered, then you are not entitled to funded courses that may be offered. If it is found that you are not FORS Registered, you will be billed for attendance. If you are unsure if you are eligible for funded training, please contact us.


I’m concerned about the cycling module of the Safe Urban Driving/Van Smart course – do I have to ride a bicycle?

For driver training to be uploaded to the FORS/TfL register and/or for you to be accredited with the Driver CPC hours you must complete the entire course. The only reasons for not taking part in the cycle element are on medical grounds, or if during the cycle familiarisation session, you are risk assessed as not safe to ride a bike on public roads. In these instances, it is acceptable for drivers to walk the course, meeting up with the cyclists at the exercise/discussion points and joining in with the discussion.

In the case of an injury or disability, we would ask for written confirmation from a doctor. If attendees are nervous about cycling please note that the actual amount of time cycling is very limited, as it is very stop-and-start. Many of our attendees who are nervous about the cycling end up enjoying this part of the course.


Can I bring my own bicycle to the course?

Unfortunately not. We pride ourselves on our strict safety precautions and procedures and ensure all our bicycles and equipment are safety checked and suitable for riding regularly. This keeps all our delegates safe and comfortable when undertaking the course.

We provide all bicycles, high-visibility vests and helmets at every Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart course we run. Please ensure you bring suitable clothing for riding a bike and consider weather conditions.


I don’t know how to find course availability

Our website has individual booking pages with course calendars where training can be booked. If you would like to put drivers onto our courses nationwide, please visit our homepage with the list of courses available.

However, if you’d prefer to hold private training courses for your drivers only, or at your own premises, please contact us.


I have a question about FORS

We’re happy to help you with any training requirement queries you have regarding the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, and we can help you understand the requirements in more detail. Please contact us on 0345 600 4045 or get in touch.

Alternatively, the FORS Website may help you with any other queries.