Cancellation Policy


Fleet Source Cancellation Policy


You – As used below, “you” refers to the ticket buyer, attendee, or representative from the company named in the booking.

21 days notice – days are counted between the day you cancel or request cancellation and the day the course is due to be delivered. If your course was running on the 23rd of the month, you would need to notify us of cancellation on the 1st of the month to avoid charges.

Funded course – A funded course includes all events by Fleet Source for which there is no attendance charge (incl. free, subsidised, part funded, or fully funded courses). Funded course bookings that are open to the public are valued at £55+VAT for a non-cycling course and £75 + VAT for a course with a cycling module.

Public commercial course – A public commercial course booking includes all events by Fleet Source for which a fee is charged for bookings.

Why does Fleet Source charge for cancellation and failure to attend?

Fleet Source recognises that on occasion, delegates will be book onto events and subsequently find that either themselves or their drivers are unable to attend. If you notify us of your cancellation more than 21 days prior to the event, we will provide a full refund, no questions asked. You can also, at any point, up to and including the day of training, change attendee details (e.g. change driver name).

When a booking is cancelled without 21 days notification or a delegate fails to attend, charges are payable. Our reasons for this are:

  • Our training events often book out quickly and many companies require planning weeks in advance to organise driver training. We think that it is only fair to give delegates who do want to attend adequate time to arrange their availability.
  • Each of our courses have resources tied to them (e.g. venue, theory trainer, or cycle trainer for some courses), and we rely on course attendance to cover these costs. In the case of funded courses, Fleet Source has a Service Level Agreement to receive this funding. If a minimum attendance is not reached we incur a fee and future funding may be affected.
  • The funded courses that we offer have public money invested for the purpose of creating safer roads. Eligibility for this funding relies on delegates meeting our cancellation policy, to ensure that this money is being allocated correctly.

If payment is not made, your company may become ineligible to book onto further funded places until payment is made, and failure to comply with the cancellation policy could result in further action being taken.

How to cancel:

You can cancel a booking via the booking system. Alternatively, you can email us at with your cancellation request, or call our office on 0345 600 4045. If you would like to cancel an individual from a group booking, please either email or call us, we are more than happy to help you with this. Please have your Order Number on hand when requesting a cancellation.

Late cancellation of public course bookings:

Please see the table below of associated charges for late cancellation.

Days prior to course delivery 0-14 15-21
Course type: Public funded course

Percentage payable (£55+VAT for a non-cycling course and £75 + VAT for a course with a cycling module)

100% 100%
Course type: Public commercial course

Percentage of course value that can be refunded

No refund 50%


Cancellation of a TfL funded course booked as a private course:

Private funded courses are funded by Transport for London and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, a minimum of 17 participants MUST attend each course. If less than 17 participants attend on the actual day of the course a fee of £1200 + VAT will be charged to you to cover the cost of the training.

If you wish to cancel a booking, then you must provide us with a minimum of 21 days notice. If you cancel a course less than 21 days prior to the course commencing, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of £1200 + VAT.

Cancellation of a private commercial course:

If you wish to cancel a booking, then you must provide us with a minimum of 21 days notice. If you cancel a course less than 21 days prior to the course commencing, you will be charged a late cancellation fee, as quoted. If you cancel on the day that the course is due to be delivered, the course will be charged in full, as quoted.

Settling your Invoice:

If you receive a cancellation invoice it is extremely important that it is settled in full within 14 days, as failure to do so could prevent you or your company from being able to attend other free, subsidised or funded events and courses, and further action may be taken. If you have any queries, please call the Fleet Source office to speak to someone in our accounts department.

Cancellation of a course or event by Fleet Source:

Fleet Source is committed to offering high quality training events that meet the needs of delegates and will always aim to run events once delegates have booked onto them. Occasionally circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel an event and in these circumstances we will take active and positive steps to inform you as soon as possible by phone and/or email. Fleet Source reserves the right to modify or cancel any event if unforeseen circumstances arise but we will do our utmost to avoid doing so. Where Fleet Source cancels an event that you have paid to attend, we will offer you a full refund or a credit transfer for a future training event. Full advice on refunds/credits will be provided at the time of cancellation.

Failure to Attend (FTA):

Failure to attend (FTA) public courses will incur a non-attendance charge. Participants must be present for the full day’s course to qualify as attended. The charge per delegate will be will be £55+VAT for a non-cycling course and £75 + VAT for a course with a cycling module. This includes funded and non-funded courses.


When checking in for the day of training, an attendee must verify their name and company with the trainer, and sign an attendance register. This name and spelling will be on the attendees certificate. Lost, damaged or incorrect certificates will be replaced up to 90 days from the course date, thereafter an administration fee of £12.00 will be charged.

If you have any questions about our Cancellation Policy, please write to us at the address below or email us at

Fleet Source Limited
9/9A Business Centre East, Fifth Avenue, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 2TS

A company incorporated in England and Wales under company registration number 8325898

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