Boost for Cyclists as Close-Pass Initiative Given Green Light

After a successful trial from the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), the unit has decided to roll out its Close-Pass initiative, where plain clothed officers on bikes aim to tackle drivers who overtake dangerously close.

The scheme, pioneered by West Midlands Police, will involve officers intercepting offending drivers and offering them on-the-spot education of how to perform a safe overtake past cyclists. Drivers who are reluctant to accept the education will be charged with ‘driving without due care and attention’, potentially resulting in a fine and points on their licence.

The initiative comes into play after a string of tragic incidents involving vulnerable road users since the turn of the year. Earlier this week King’s College London researcher, Nisha Singh was knocked off her bike by a van driver, and complaints from the cycling community are beginning to flood in about the accountability and punishments directed towards dangerous and threatening driving behaviour. Challenges are also being put forward to authorities to tackle dangerous junctions and introduce changes to the highway code that give cyclists priority when turning left.

The GMP traffic Unit are running the Close-Pass initiative with the mindset that the key to changing driver behaviour towards vulnerable road users is education. Fleet Source are closely aligned with Transport for London and deliver industry-leading training for drivers to reduce incidents. We provide Safe Urban Driving that has an on-cycle element to allow drivers to gain hands-on experience as a vulnerable road user. Delegates can use these practises to better inform their driving in the future, reducing costs for operators, avoiding fines or penalties, but most importantly; bettering the welfare of the public.

If you would like to find out more about Safe Urban Driving, please click here.

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