Setting the training bar higher

Setting the training bar higher by Nick Caesari, CEO, Fleet Source


Entrepreneurs and business owners want their businesses to run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  As a business owner myself, I know the challenges of rising costs against a backdrop of a highly competitive sector, with ever increasing demands.

 CPC driver training is a necessity and quality training can be a huge investment, requiring time, planning and resources.

 Quality driver training should not be a privilege.  The most expensive training doesn’t always mean the best and our industry is rife with inconsistent pricing and quality.  Training providers need to be crystal clear about what their training investment will actually deliver. They must ensure the highest quality training at the most affordable prices, if they are to help fleet operators tackle the ever-increasing challenges of our busy road networks.

 When we surveyed UK transport managers last year, there was concern in the industry that there would be a major shortage of CPC-compliant drivers after the September 2019 deadline.

 Of the nearly 200 fleet professionals we surveyed from across the UK, more than half (53%) said they worried about the availability of fully CPC-trained drivers.  Some two thirds of fleet professionals who responded to our survey, rightly said that it was drivers’ responsibility to complete the required training, but employers also know that they must ensure that their contracted drivers are compliant.  Many respondents to our survey cited difficulty in finding suitable courses and trainers with capacity, as well as significant price increases from some suppliers.

 The Department of Transport estimating that 328.1 billion miles were driven on Great Britain’s road in 2018*, which includes 68 billion miles by commercial vehicles and an ever-increasing number of vulnerable road users. 

 There has never been a greater incentive for employers, drivers and training providers to work together to ensure we minimise the risk of a shortfall in CPC-compliant drivers and create a contract-ready workforce to meet the growing client demand across our industry.

 As one of the largest fleet training and auditing providers in the UK, we’re in a great position to be able to leverage our knowledge, skills, experience and economies of scale in order to meet this important strategic objective. That is why Fleet Source has taken a major strategic decision to offer fleet operator the highest quality, relevant and up to date training but at even keener competitive cost.

 This marks another step in our mission to help the industry meet the increasing demand on its services and continue to grow their business. 

We want to set the training bar higher to reduce the number of collisions on our busy roads and ultimately help save lives. We recognise that we need to do everything in our power to deliver that objective.


*Department of Transport – Road Traffic Estimates 2018




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