Let’s share our roads safely says RoadPeace Campaign Co-ordinator, Victoria Lebrec’s mantra

Let’s share our roads safely says RoadPeace Campaign Co-ordinator, Victoria Lebrec’s mantra

A keen cyclist who received life changing injuries when she was hit by an HGV driver, now campaigns for a world where road danger is not tolerated and where we all share our roads safely.

 RoadPeace’s Campaign Co-ordinator, Victoria Lebrec lost her left leg in 2014 when an HGV hit her at a busy Islington intersection. 

 “I was a keen cyclist and regularly commuted to work on my bike as I found it easier than using the tube.  I was hit by a left-turning skip lorry and was knocked off my bike by the front wheels and then run over by the rear wheels.  I remember not being able to move as my pelvis had been completely crushed. 

“A London Air Ambulance medic performed an emergency procedure to stop me bleeding out.  I woke up a few days later to life changing injuries and then spent the following three months in recovery and going through the grieving process.

 “The driver was charged with careless driving and I met him a year later.  It was a really weird experience, he told me how awful he felt and how sorry he was.  It was good for us to meet, as we’d both been deeply affected by the accident.  We had a bit of an emotional hug, which spoke volumes.

 “It was after this that I decided to join RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims in the UK. I wanted to use my own experiences to help others.

 “There are too many serious collisions on our roads involving vulnerable road users (VRU) and RoadPeace is there to provide information and support services to people bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash.

 “Working together with the fleet industry is a vital part of making our roads a safer place and we’re delighted to be partnering with Fleet Source, which shares our commitment to raising awareness of the challenges faced by VRUs and saving lives.  Together our aim is to heighten awareness of the ever-increasing challenges we all face on our busy roads, putting VRU training at the top of the agenda for commercial drivers.  We also welcome other partners to join our crusade.

 “We will use victim’s real stories and experiences, such as mine, to help fleet operators better understand the huge responsibilities they face. 

 “RoadPeace supports and empowers those bereaved and injured by road crashes and their families and to spare future generations from preventable death and injury.  As a membership charity, we put victims at the heart of our work, equipping them to support other victims, campaign for change and shape our future work.  We work for and with victim centres to:

 Help victims cope with their trauma, through emotional and peer support

  • Remember those who have been killed or seriously injured in road crashes by organising acts of remembrance: offering support and solidarity to the bereaved and highlighting the devasting toll of road death
  • Empowering victims with information and helping them to achieve justice
  • Challenging society’s complacency towards risk on our roads

 “My biggest ambition is to create a mindset that we are all in this together.  I’m looking forward to joining Nick Caesari and his team in a series of engagement days with Fleet Source customers this year.”




Setting the training bar higher 23rd March 2020