2019 Driver CPC Deadline – impacts research

With the second DCPC deadline occurring in 2019, we surveyed our community of fleet operators to learn more about any ‘pain points’ around DCPC training and how this year’s deadline, and the current political situation, is affecting business.

Despite the imminent deadline, there would appear to be very little action or communication from the regulators; so it is our aim to leverage our position and act as an impartial voice for industry, representing a cross-section of operators, both large and small, across the UK.

We plan to raise the findings with media, regulators and industry stakeholders to help improve awareness and communication, so fleets can be well prepared for the next 5 years and beyond.

Key findings:

  • 30% of drivers still have at least 7 hours of training to complete less than 2 months ahead of the deadline
  • 23% of managers experienced significant price increases closer to the deadline
  • Almost half the respondents structured their training evenly across the 5 years, 15% left it all until the last 2 years
  • The majority felt communication from Government around the potential impact of our exit from the EU was poor

To download your full copy of the results, please fill out the form opposite.

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