13,000 drivers trained by Fleet Source in Vulnerable Road User, on-cycle training in 2016 to date

As the leading training provider for Vulnerable road user, on-cycle training, namely Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart, Fleet Source have trained a total of 12,959 (and rising) drivers on these courses to date.

The Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart courses were developed by Transport for London due to the ever-increasing number of cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists sharing the roads.

It became essential that HGV and PSV drivers understood and could operate safely and reduce the risks of driving in today’s busy environments.
Fleet Source are TfL’s principal training provider for Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart and have delivered the training across the UK to a large number of leading operators and smaller businesses as part of the FORS Scheme.

We have now trained 11,962 drivers in Safe Urban Driving and a further 997 in Van Smart. (Figures correct as of 11th November 2016)
If you require Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart training for your fleet, please visit our dedicated websites for more information, or call 0345 600 4045.

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